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Balcony Safety Nets

Balcony safety nets are put up to protect kids, adults, pets, and items that could fall from high places like terraces, balconies, windows, doors, stairs, pools, etc. Our Nets help you protect both humans and your items.

children safety nets

Children Safety Nets

Parents are often concerned about their children and want to keep them safe. It is critical to ensure your child's safety, especially if you live in a high-rise apartment with terraces, and doors with balconies.


Open Area Safety Nets

Don't be alarmed if birds have ravaged your terrace area; Naveen safety nets offer high-quality nets for buildings or apartments. It guarantees that your open spaces are always safe.

construction safety nets 1

Construction Safety Nets

The risk of falling from a building is always present, usually for workers or goods. Our Building Construction Safety nets are installed underneath a work area to reduce injuries if anything falls.


Building Safety Nets

Building safety nets are majorly used for homes. Naveen Safety Nets lets you breathe naturally and doesn't block your outside world views. Our yields are hand-knitted and feature anti-burn characteristics.


Staircase Safety Nets

Staircase safety nets are perfect for use on long, deep and narrow staircases. Naveen Safety Nets helps you to install on various levels of the stairs to prevent the risk of injury from falling kids, pets, etc.


Glass Safety Nets

Glass Building Safety Nets are used to avoid glass breakage or damage to your glass-encased structures or glass tiles or office buildings. Naveen Safety Nets is a well-known name among clients.


Swimming Safety Nets

Swimming pool nets are constructed with stainless steel clips to secure anchors, which can withstand any weight. Our pool safety nets are simple to install and are easy for people to open and close.

monkey safety nets

Monkey Safety Nets

Monkeys play and live on the branches of trees; if the units are linked to your balcony, they can harm you. Naveen Safety Nets will ensure that you don't face any such incidents.


Car Parking Safety Nets

Companies and corporations, in particular, require parking lot nets since they are responsible for protecting vehicles. Naveen Safety Nets assures the most delicate car safety nets for a hassle-free lifestyle.

coconut tree safety nets

Coconut Tree Safety Nets

Coconut safety nets are used to prevent coconuts from falling on people or cars. They are helpful if coconut trees are near your home, flats, or shopping centers to assure people's safety.


Industrial Safety Nets

Industrial safety nets are intended to safeguard people in factories, warehouses or storage facilities. Naveen Safety Nets creates a hard load barrier for goods stacked on warehouses and storage racks.



Some Frequently Asked Questions to help you understand everything about Safety Nets.

Installing safety nets that are spread out horizontally o n a building site, nets need to be anchored in places that are stable and can hold any weight. 

Installing safety nets that are spread out horizontally o n a building site, nets need to be anchored in places that are stable and can hold any weight. 


HDPE Construction Safety Nets with Mesh Sizes of 2.5 and 30 mm.

30 feet

Safety nets must be set up as close as possible to the surface where workers are doing their jobs, but no more than 30 feet below the surface. 

Each safety net mesh opening can’t be bigger than 36 square inches (230 cm) and can’t be longer than 6 inches (15 cm) on any side. The opening can’t be longer than 6 inches (15 cm) from the centre to the centre of the mesh ropes or webbing, either (15 cm).

Safety nets can be knotted or knotless, with a square (Q) or diamond (D) mesh configuration. Figure 1: A square mesh safety net with no knots. When a load lands on a knotted net, the knots closest to the impact tighten.

Safety nets manufactured for coconut trees are durable and sturdy which helps in catching the coconuts in the nets preventing any fatal accidents.

swimming pool nets serves as a safe barrier for a pool or spa that doesn’t take up valuable deck space. It is extremely important that parents and caregivers always remember to put back the net on the pool area whenever it is left unattended.

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Excellent work and quick service !! I called them to install pigeon net for my balcony. They visited next morning itself and installed within 30 mins or so. The price was also reasonable. The people were also courteous. Plus, they provide warranty for the installation also. Thank you 🙂
Samaira Dewan
Amazing Service and reasonable rate. I connected early morning at 7am and I got the pigeon net fixed by 2pm at Electronic City. I would definitely recommend Jeevan Enterprises. The boys who turned up were professional and did their job diligently.
Pawan Shetty
Net installion guys have done good job. It took only 30 mins to install the balcony safety net. The quality is good.I called them at around 1pm and balcony safety net got installed at 6pm.
Goutam Singh

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