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Safety Nets Installation Services In Mysore

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Naveen Safety Nets

Safety Nets Installation Services In Mysore

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Naveen Safety Nets are experts in offering the most comprehensive range of safety net services.

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Safety Nets

Safety Nets are often used to protect against birds and may be seen in both workplaces and residences. We specialise in the production, supply, and export of a wide range of Balcony Nets.


Bird Protection Nets

Bird Protection Nets are well-known for their sturdiness, extended service life, and low maintenance. We are striving to build unique translucent nylon nets as a long-term and a permanent solution.


Sports Nets

A sports net can be used to make a zone safer out of a small space. These nets can be used on building terraces or in compounds to keep balls from destroying properties or risking lives.



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Safety nets can be installed on windows, balconies, terraces, and staircases. The netting system can be added to an aluminium frame as well if the terraces are not covered.

Absolutely Yes. Without a doubt. Quality materials with good tension will assure safety and will be checked and tested for trial strength after installation.

310 pounds.

OSHA’s standard capacity for fall arrest equipment is 310 pounds. OSHA’s standard criteria and protocols (static and dynamic testing) justify this 310-pound limit.

The cost of a pigeon net ranges from approximately ₹285.00 – ₹820.00

Safety nets are designed to deflect and absorb the energy of a fall, reducing the chances of injury. There must be enough free space underneath the net so that the person who has fallen does not collide with an obstacle or the ground as the net deflects.

Year after year, bird netting can be preserved and reused. There are numerous sizes available. The small gaps keep birds from being trapped in the net, making it safe for them.

Windsocks, predatory bird decoys, and reflective surfaces can be used instead of bird netting.

The netting is constructed of six monofilaments that are twisted together to form a strong twine with twists per metre. The durable netting is meant to be an effective bird repellent in temperatures ranging from -250F to +270F.

Cricket Practice Nets range starts from ₹5,450 to ₹7,999


Cricket Practice Nets are typically 20 m long and 3.6 m wide. The back and side walls are 3 metres tall.

A cricket net is a type of practise net that batsmen and bowlers use to warm up and/or develop their cricketing techniques. Cricket nets are made up of a cricket pitch (natural or artificial) that is surrounded by cricket nets on both sides, the back, and, if required, the roof.

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Excellent work by Naveen and his team. Order accepted immediately and work carried out in next 90 mts. Quality of child safety nets sturdy and good
Mohan V
Excellent work and quick service !! I called them to install pigeon net for my balcony. They visited next morning itself and installed within 30 mins or so. The price was also reasonable. The people were also courteous. Plus, they provide warranty for the installation also. Thank you 🙂
Samaira Dewan
Amazing Service and reasonable rate. I connected early morning at 7am and I got the pigeon net fixed by 2pm at Electronic City. I would definitely recommend Jeevan Enterprises. The boys who turned up were professional and did their job diligently.
Pawan Shetty

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